Australia: Girls Buy Toilet Papers For Pensioners, Internet Appreciates

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There is an ongoing panic buying of loo rolls in Australia due to coronavirus as it sells for skyrocketing prices for as high as AU$1,000,000.

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Two girls in Australia bought a cart of toilet paper with their pocket money from the tooth fairy and were seen distributing it to the pensioners amid coronavirus panic. Aged six and four, Addyson and her best friend Lucy helped elderly residents in their neighbourhood of Matoba, Far North Queensland, by giving out toilet rolls and tissues amid coronavirus outbreak.

The photo of the kids was shared by a woman named Petrina McGuire on Facebook that showed the two girls holding their toys walking on the footpath along pensioners cottages with a wagon. In a caption, Petrina explained that the charitable act was funded by the two girls with their pocket money. The post prompted encouraging comments from social media users who were moved by the compassionate gesture by the kids. The post gathered 1.8k likes and was shared 4.9k times.

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Kids concerned about pensioners

“Parenting done right!! Thank you to these parents for teaching their kids what kids and some people are lacking these days – Compassion and looking after one another,” one person commented. “What a wonderful thing to do! Well done and Thank you!” another added. There is an ongoing panic buying of loo rolls in Australia due to coronavirus as it sells for skyrocketing prices for as high as AU$1,000,000.The supermarkets across the country have been wiped clean as people panic-buy essential supplies. The toilet papers, however, are stripped off the shopping markets aisles faster. 

The kids were concerned about struggling pensioners who couldn’t afford any. Petrina told the Australian media reporters that the pensioners were very grateful to the girls. She said that the older adults and pensioners could not purchase the toilet papers and were in desperate need due to the dearth of the supply. They were extremely happy and thankful that the girls cared to help them out, she added.

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