Horse Helps Woman Escape Australian Bushfires To Find A Safe Place

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A horse named Charmer helped its owner escape the Australian bushfires to find safety at a pub. The hazardous smoke from the raging wildfires blocked their path

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A horse named Charmer helped its owner escape the raging Australian wildfires and found a safe place for shelter. The hazardous smoke from the raging wildfires had blocked Bec Winter's path to safety but eventually, the horse helped in finding a safe place i.e. local pub in the coastal town of Moruya. Winter's family had been bearing the brunt of massive wildfires near the town about 250 km (156 miles) south of Sydney and decided to evacuate on the New Year's eve.

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Horse helped the woman to find safe place

While her son and cousin drove to the beach, Winter rode on Charmer looking for a safe place. Winter said as the smog thickened and engulfed, it worried her and added that it was the horse that found the path out to the beach. She added that she was not sure where she would end up as she was not getting any updates as it was extremely smoky. Winter said that she was scared but had faith in Charmer to get her out safely. She said her horse did that by safely getting her out and ended up in a pub for safety. She said that Charmer is her real hero. 

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Wildfires intensifies

Fueled by soaring temperatures and strong winds, Australia's east coast was burning furiously on Saturday. In the South, two people were killed on Kangaroo Island which brings the national toll to people who died this week to 12. Kangaroo Island is a popular tourist and holiday spot and is not far off the coast. Australian firefighters have been battling bush fires non-stop in an effort to save lives and property. Australian authorities have claimed that the fires could become worse. The Australian government has called for army reserves to help firefighters in their efforts to tackle the flames and have announced a third navy ship which is equipped for disaster and humanitarian relief.

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While two people have been confirmed dead, 21 people still remain unaccounted for in Victoria. According to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, there are still numerous large and very dangerous fires that are burning all across New South Wales.
In a statement released by Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Graham Ashton, there are still large groups of people in Victoria despite advice to flee to safety. 100,000 people have already been evacuated.

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