Australia: Men Rescue Young Koala After It Falls Into The Sea

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In Australia, men rescued Young Koala running from bushfire after it fell into the sea. Earlier, a cyclist quenched the thirst of a koala with her water bottle.

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

A recent video of a Koala being rescued from the sea in Australia has won over the internet. The young Koala accidentally fell into the sea when it was running along a jetty at Apollo Bay in Victoria. Wildlife in Australia is at stake as it battles with scorching weather and bushfires that have ravaged the nation. 

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In the recent viral video, a koala was saved by men who jumped into a sea to catch it. While attempting to climb onto a pole in Victoria the koala dropped into the sea. As per reports, Ryan Farrow and his cousin Danny Schelfhout saw it while they were fishing off their jetty.

Just then, Danny jumped into the sea to rescue the koala. As seen in the video, once he had the little animal in his arms, Ryan reached out and grabbed it off him. Speaking to the media Ryan said the koala was very stressed after the rescue and was trying to claw him. The pair gradually managed to calm the animal down and carried it back to his bush. Take a look at the video.

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Rising temperature, ravaging bushfires threaten wildlife

Recently the residents of five Melbourne suburbs which total around 1,00,000 people were advised to evacuate. Authorities have put up advisory to not leave pets, perishable and inflammable items inside cars have been issued to citizens. Yet wild animals have to face the sweltering heat with minimum cover.

Thousands of Koalas have died from bushfires which included 30 per cent on the New South Wales mid-north coast. Birds are dropping dead every day and so are other creatures. Rescue workers and emergency services are doing their best to reduce the damage and save these animals.

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Thirsty Koala drinks from cyclist's bottle

A few days ago, another video of a thirsty Koala emerged on the internet. A koala suffering from South Australia's extreme temperatures reportedly stopped a group of cyclists in their tracks to drink water from a water bottle. According to international media reports, Anna Heusler and a group of cyclists were riding towards Adelaide on December 27 when they spotted the koala sitting in the middle of the road after which they stopped to help the animal back into nearby bushland. Heusler also posted a video on social media that showed the desperate koala climbing onto the frame of a bicycle of one of the cyclists to get a better sip. 

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