Beijing Opposes US Decision To Blacklist 28 Chinese Entities

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As the United States blacklists about 28 Chinese entities, China desperately urges the other side to remove them from the ‘Entity List’ as soon as possible. 

Written By Manogya Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:

After the United States blacklisted 28 Chinese entities, Beijing reprimanded the US for acting recklessly and implored the latter to consider removing China from the list of companies banned from conducting trade with the US as soon as possible. According to reports, a Ministry of Commerce spokesperson quoted that the Chinese side has recently noticed the firm decision to add 28 of its entities to the list by the US Department of Commerce, and will have to deal with the further developments.

China strongly disapproves US's "Entity List"

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The information about the ‘Entity list’ has come into light just a few days ahead when officials of both super powers are expected to have a meeting regarding the resolution of the trade dispute between each other as soon as possible. 

The Ministry has released a statement quoting that for a very long time, the US government has been imposing unilateral sanctions on Chinese entities, but unlike those times, the Trump administration -imposed sanctions on 28 Chinese local government agencies and enterprises under the garb of human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. 

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Xinjiang's affairs are purely 'internal' China

The ministry spokesperson also said that it seized the most appropriate opportunity to degrade and shame China’s governance policies in its President, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and grossly interfered in China's internal affairs, and informed that China strongly opposes US’s entity list. 

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The spokesperson added further that Xinjiang's affairs are purely 'internal' China, and related to the mainland's sovereignty, security and territorial integrity and that China’s internal issues can only be judged by the Chinese people and their government, not any other country is allowed to interfere or pass their judgements over it. 

The spokesperson concluded by stating that China firmly urges the United States to stop making irresponsible remarks on President Xinjiang and stop interfering in the nation’s internal affairs, as the Chinese side will also take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard its own interests. 

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