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Bonoloto February 10, 2020 Results And Winning Numbers

Here are the Bonoloto winning numbers, results for tonight, February 10th 2020. With €400,000 up for grabs, check out today's numbers and see if you won.


BonoLoto is a chance-based game like Primitiva but at a much lower cost and happens more frequently. BonoLoto was introduced on February 28th of 1988. BonoLoto came to complete the offer along with the Primitiva itself, the Quiniela and the National Lottery, but it proved to be a big hit because it offered a very cheap betting price. BonoLoto results will be declared here for the 10th February draw at 9:30 PM Spanish time (GMT+1). The estimated prize money for it is €400,000.

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Bonoloto Lottery 10 February Results - Winning Numbers

12, 14, 15, 24, 39, 47 

Complimentary: 30

Refund: 7

Rules of Bonoloto

The basic rule of Bonoloto states that you must choose 6 numbers from a grid of 49. To do multiple bets, the first of the columns will be used exclusively by marking 7 or more numbers up to a maximum of 11.

  • Multiple bets of 7 numbers of the BonoLoto equal to 7 bets.
  • Multiple bets of 8 numbers of the BonoLoto equal to 28 bets.
  • Multiple bets of 9 numbers on the BonoLoto equal to 84 bets.
  • Multiple bets of 10 numbers on the BonoLoto equal to 210 bets.
  • Multiple bets of 11 numbers on the BonoLoto equal to 462 bets.

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The draw of BonoLoto

The draw is made using two drums that contain numbered balls. One of them contains balls numbered from 1 to 49, and the other one contains from 0 to 9. 6 Balls are extracted from the first drum to form the winning combination. A seventh ball called “the complementary” is also extracted from the same. This complementary number is not chosen by the player, but it should be one of the 6 numbers chosen by him in the bet. From the second drum, a 0 to 9 numbered ball is selected to determine the refund.

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Complementary number of the BonoLoto

It is an extra ball that is extracted in addition to the 6 that make up the winning combination. The number has the exclusive function of rewarding the bets by matching five numbers of the main winning combination. If this complementary number is correct, the winner can go for a second category special prize.

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Refund number of BonoLoto

It is a prize destined to the winners of a certain number that is extracted independently from the second drum. The balls are numbered from 0 to 9. The prize consists of a fixed payment equivalent to the amount of a simple bet for all tickets containing that number randomly granted by the system at the time of validating the bet.

BonoLoto Jackpot

The lottery is played six days a week. The jackpot is of a guaranteed minimum of €400,000. In the event of not having a winner of the first prize, the amount is accumulated for the next draw in that same category, and so on until the prize is handed over.

Last Bonoloto Results

The last draw happened on February 8, 2020. The Bonoloto winning numbers of the last draw were 9, 11, 26, 33, 42, 49, complementary number 5 and refund number 4. The estimated jackpot was of €400,000.

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