Canadian Man Burns $1 Million In Cash To Avoid Paying Child Support To Wife

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A Canadian businessman was sentenced to 30 days in prison after he told the judge that he had burned CAD 1 million in cash to avoid paying child support to wife

Written By Vishal Tiwari | Mumbai | Updated On:

A Canadian businessman was reportedly sentenced to 30 days in prison after he told the judge that he had burned CAD 1 million in cash to avoid paying his wife and child support as part of their divorce settlement. According to media reports, 55-year-old Bruce McConville told the Ottawa Superior Court that he withdrew CAD 1 million from six separate banks and burned them in bonfires. McConville told the court that he burned the cash in two separate bonfires, CAD 7,43,000 on September 23 and CAD 2,96,000 on December 15. 

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$1 million cash turned into ashes 

As per reports, McConville told the court that he can show the receipts to prove that he withdrew money from the banks. But he said that he had no witness or record to show that he burned the money in bonfires. According to Canadian local media reports, McConville told the court that it is not something he would normally do as he is not a person that is extremely materialistic and suggested the judge that he has always been economical with money and that is why his business lasted for 31 years. 

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The judge, however, asserted that he doesn't believe McConville and think that he is not being honest. The judge further added that what he had done morally was condemnable because it undermines the interests of his children. According to reports, McConville told the court that he earned the money by selling his properties and businesses to his former accountant, which again is a direct violation of the court's order that asked him not to sell his assets. McConville also has failed in providing the court with his financial details. 

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McConville was sent to prison for 30 days and the judge asked him to pay $2,000 a day to his wife moving forward until he discloses his financial details to the court. McConville ran for Mayor of the Canadian capital city in 2018 but lost the election to incumbent Jim Watson, who held the office since 2010. 

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