Canadian Teenager Gets Harmonica Stuck Inside Her Mouth, Watch Video

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A TikTok video has surfaced on the internet which shows highschool Canadian teenager from Ontario, Mollie O'Brien gets harmonica stuck inside her mouth.

Written By Sounak Mitra | Mumbai | Updated On:

A TikTok video has surfaced on the internet which shows a Canadian teenager gets harmonica stuck inside her mouth. Mollie O’Brien, a high schooler from Ontario, Canada, posted the video of herself to TikTok on January 28, according to the reports. Her caption read, "I regret the thing I did … And you’re wondering what it is … Well … I shoved an entire harmonica in my mouth and it’s stuck now". O’Brien was trying to amuse her little cousin by putting the harmonica inside her mouth and it accidentally stuck inside her mouth. 

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15-second clip shared on social media platforms

O'Brien's 15 seconds clip was then shared on other social media platforms which has managed to garner more than 7 million views. In addition, netizens also asked a lot of questions about how the harmonica got stuck and how it was removed. She then quickly answered back that she stuck the instrument in her mouth in order to entertain her younger cousin and realised that it would not come out. 

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Users reacted over the incident

She told the media that it hurt for the first 30 minutes and added that every time she breathed heavily out of panic it made a noise. She then informed about the incident to her mother and both quickly rushed to the hospital. The doctors in the hospital recommended to see a dentist who managed to pull the harmonica out with a special tool. According to O'Brien, the dentist said not to try this again. The TikTok users were elated as the incident had a pain-free ending and the video has received 20000 comments mainly from the users. 

A user wrote, "THERE’S NO WAY THIS IS REAL … RIGHT". Another user wrote, "SHE’S SPEAKING HARMONICA I CANT". A third user added, "I thought I read the caption wrong … I guess I didn’t".
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