Heston Blumenthal Admits To Getting Annoyed By People Taking Pictures Of Food

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According to sources,he will be a judge on a TV show that celebrates food that is outlandish, strange looking, and different which will air on Netflix.

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Heston Blumenthal

Celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal famous for his extravagant culinary creations has reportedly admitted getting annoyed with people taking pictures of their dinner for Instagram. According to reports, he's preparing to become a judge on a new TV show that celebrates food that is outlandish, strange-looking, and different.

Blumenthal owns a restaurant, The Fat Duck in Bray. While he strongly agrees that going out for tea at one of Heston's posh restaurants is one of a kind experience and compels many to share it with the online followers, he wants people to discontinue the habit.

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A point debated for several years

The 53-year-old told the media that at The Fat Duck, this has been the point debated by the staff for several years. Telling people that their food is getting cold disappoints them. Blumenthal said that this creates a barrier between the chef and the diner who might not agree.

According to reports, he has admitted to doing it once in Australia when he found the diners capturing their food on camera with a flash which disturbed the neighbouring tables. He emphasised that while no diner wants to be told what must be done with the food they pay a massive fare for, regardless, it is aggravating.

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Sight as important as taste or smell

In another report, the owners of several restaurants are of the opinion that the social media plays a vital role in our everyday lives as people rely more on visuality. They want to be able to see what the food looks like as sight has become almost as important sense as the taste and smell.

In spite of not being a fan of taking pictures of food, Heston Blumenthal is reported to be one of judges on a food show Crazy Delicious, which will air on Channel 4 and Netflix. The show claims to be the 'world's first edible set' and is about the food that looks good on Instagram.

According to the sources, Chef Blumenthal is expected to judge the contestants based on the 'originality, visual flair, and extraordinary flavours' of food.

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