China: Syria's Sovereignty And Integrity Should Be Respected

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China asked Turkey to stop its attacks against the Kurdish led forces in the northeastern part of Syria as the ongoing attacks may help the terrorists escape.

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:

On October 15, China asked Turkey to stop its attacks against the Kurdish led forces in the northeastern part of Syria as the ongoing attacks may help the "terrorists" escape that may, in turn, help ISIS to grow and cause a hindrance for the counter-terrorism efforts being undertaken by different countries.

"Against the use of force in terms of International relations"

In a public address, China's spokesperson stated that his country was completely against the use of external force in terms of International relations and added that everyone along with Turkey should uphold the UN charter alongside the norms that uphold International relations and also solve problems in a way that the set rules are not disturbed. 

China's representative, Geng Shuang, stated that given the current situation in Syria, certain assaults may lead to an easy way out for the IS militants and the revival of ISIS. He asked Turkey to comply with other world leaders to tackle terrorism.

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Turkey's assault came in after America, an ally of the Kurdish led People's protection unit, decided to withdraw its troops from the particular area. The Turkish led attack has rendered more than 2,75,000 people homeless.

"Fundamental targets were militants"

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry of Turkey expressed that its fundamental targets were militants, including people from the People's Protection Units (YPG) state armed force that acts as strong support for the SDF. Pictures of injured men, houses alongside women and young children scrambling to get into vehicles to get away from the contention have been circulated on social media.

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As Kurdish-backed powers moved towards the north, all tasks against the Islamic group, ISIS, in Syria have been put to a stand-still and because of this the activists to coordinate various suicide attacks in the city of Raqqa. This brought about the experts being worried about the way that this assault will go as an ideal escape for detainees to escape from various holding facilities.

As indicated by reports, the Trump-led administration stated that Turkey is ready to take accountability for the holding facilities it has control over, that contain countless Islamic State radicals from various parts of the world who came to Syria to join the militant organisation.

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