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China: Teenager Ends Up In Hospital After Drinking Bubble Tea

China teenager was hospitalised at First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical University in central China, where he was detected with bowel obstruction.


A 13-year-old from China has reportedly been admitted to the hospital after he was left in agony from drinking the famous bubble tea that completely blocked his bowel. The teenage boy was hospitalised at First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical University in central China, as per reports, as he failed to digest the starchy balls in his bubble tea and complained about intense abdominal pain.

His colon is reportedly detected with two solid stones that the medics identified as fecaliths, or stones made of faeces, measuring two and three centimetres in size in his colon. Zhang Haiyang, a Paediatric surgeon who reportedly treated the boy told the media that the excruciating pain in the abdomen of the teenage boy was caused because of bowel obstruction. He said that teenager’s obsession with Bubble tea has likely caused this health disaster.

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Tapioca balls are difficult to digest

The Bubble tea, also known as the pearl milk tea or ‘boba’, contains starchy tapioca balls that could be difficult to digest. Doctor Zhang told the media that around 3am while he was on call, a 13-year-old boy was rushed in the hospital with sudden abdominal pain. He said that the boy was kept under observation for the night and when his condition failed to improve, an operation was scheduled.

Boy didn't chew on the bubbles

The boy’s intestines were reportedly inspected that showed two solid objects, a large and a small stone that caused bowel obstruction. Doctor Zhang further told the media that the boy didn't chew on the bubbles and swallowed them whole. He had another cup about three to four days after minor symptoms began, and on both occasions, he didn't chew and only swallowed. The doctor further added that it was likely that the pearls stuck together and formed stones obstructing in the way of his intestines.

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