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COVID-19 Numbers In Southeast Asia Region Plateaued Over Past Month: WHO

According to WHO, the COVID-19 numbers in the South-East Asia region peaked in early May and have largely plateaued over since the last month


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The COVID-19 numbers in the South-East Asia region peaked in early May and have largely plateaued over since the last month. According to WHO, it has mainly happened as the novel virus cases in India remained stable and there has been a consistent decrease in Coronavirus cases in Indonesia and Myanmar over the past month. The COVID-19 Weekly Epidemiological Update, released by the World Health Organization on August 10, has revealed that the South-East Asia region reported over 799,000 new cases. 

COVID-19 numbers in Southeast Asia

The WHO in the released data mentioned that there has been a 5% decrease in COVID-19 cases as compared to the previous week. However, several countries including Sri Lanka and Thailand continue to witness a rise in Coronavirus cases. The WHO added that it is the first time in seven weeks, there has been a decline in the number of new weekly deaths. According to WHO, the trend has been driven by declines in Maldives and Myanmar. 

The highest numbers of new cases were reported from India, Indonesia, Thailand. According to WHO, India reported 278, 631 new Coronavirus cases and there has been a 2% decrease. Indonesia registered 225,635 new COVID-19 cases and an 18% decrease has been reported. Thailand reported 141,191 new Coronavirus cases and a 20% increase has been recorded. The highest numbers of new deaths were reported from Indonesia, India and Myanmar. Indonesia reported 11,373 new deaths due to COVID-19, which according to WHO has seen a 9% decrease. The new number of fatalities due to COVID-19 reported in India is 3,511 which is an 8% decrease. Myanmar has registered 2,045 new deaths due to COVID-19, a 22% decrease. 

Last week, the WHO South-East Asia region informed that more than half a billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the region. As of August 6, 618.5 million doses of vaccines have been administered. In the Southeast region,146 million people have received two vaccine doses and are fully vaccinated, according to WHO. A maximum, 489 million doses of vaccine have been administered in India. Indonesia, meanwhile, has administered 71 million doses of vaccine, followed by 18 million doses in Thailand.

IMAGE: AP/Pixabay

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