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COVID-19 Reaches Everest Base Camp, Norwegian Climber Tests Positive

A climber has been infected with the virus at the base camp on the South side of Mount Everest in Nepal. He had been evacuated by the helicopter.

(Image Credits: Unsplash)

(Image Credits: Unsplash)

The world is going through a difficult time as there is a spike in COVID-19 cases globally. Even the highest mountain on Earth has not been spared by the virus. A climber has been infected with the virus at the base camp on the Southside of Mount Everest in Nepal. The United States Magazine Outside citing an unnamed source first reported about a climber being tested positive. 

Mountaineer tests COVID-19 positive

The climber has been evacuated by helicoptor for what was believed to be high altitude pulmonary edema and tested positive for the COVID-19 after he arrived at a hospital in Kathmandu. The infected climber is Erneld Ness, a Norwegian who may have got infected with the virus while trekking. He has shared all the details regarding his health on Facebook page. 

Erneld Ness in an interview with Norwegian broadcaster NRK said that he is diagnosed COVID-19 and is stable. He said that he was feeling low and after three days of climbing, his condition became worse. The symptoms of COVID-19 and altitute sickness have resemblance which makes it difficult to determine about the disease. On April 22, Erneld Ness in a Facebook post has now said that that he is now stable and has been discharged from the hospital. The Ministry of Tourism Nepal has not given any comment regarding the reports of the climber testing positive.

Last month, the Department of Tourism in Kathmandu said that there would more than 300 foreigners have expressed interest in climbing Mount Everest this spring. There’s similar interest for other mountains too, said Mira Acharya, a director at the department. The spring season, which is popular of favourable weather began in March. It extends up to the end of May, when weather deteriorates and climbing becomes dangerous.

(Image Credits: Unsplash)

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