Dog Steals Bag Of Doughnuts From Supermarket; Watch Video Here

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The CCTV footage of the act was made public in which the dog can be seen entering the supermarket, grabbing a bag of doughnuts and walking away nonchalantly.

Written By Kunal Gaurav | Mumbai | Updated On:

A Brazilian supermarket witnessed a bizarre incident after a dog was caught stealing doughnuts. The CCTV footage of the act was made public on YouTube in which the dog can be seen slyly entering the supermarket and grabbing a bag of doughnuts. The dog then walked out of the store unnoticed. 

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Dropped the bag outside the store and ran away

Owner of the supermarket, Paulo Cardoso, said customers started shouting after they saw the dog walking around with a bag of doughnuts in the mouth, reported a British daily. The dog probably got scared, dropped the bag outside the store and ran away. However, the dog, later, returned to the supermarket and was fed by the employees. The owner reportedly said he had never seen anything like it and customers thought it was fantastic for a dog to ‘rob’ the market.

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'Came for shopping and forgot to pay'

Internet found it hilarious and started commenting on possible situations that led to such an incident. “He just came for shopping and forgot to pay,” commented a user on the YouTube video. “That's not a dog, that is a real human in dogs skin. Lol” (sic), wrote another one.

Dogs winning the internet

It's not the first time that a dog has made rounds on the internet for his actions. Recently, a TikTok user posted a video of her dog who kept fainting and falling on the floor as the owner tries to clip his nails. The video, posted by TikTok user Aashin Khosla, has got more than 622k likes and 2.6k comments with the caption, "I want to come over my serious fear of nail clipper".

A user claimed that the video was reversed. “reverse ....only legend can see,” wrote the user. “TikTok of the year, 😍” wrote another user. One user called the dog 'drama king' while another called it an "outstanding performance".

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