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Driver Rescued From Burning Car After It Collided Into Another Vehicle

A shocking video has surfaced on the internet which shows the moment when a driver was saved by a man, Angulo from a burning car, according to the reports.


A shocking video has surfaced on the internet which shows the moment when a driver was saved from a burning car in US, according to the reports. As per the reports, the car collided into another vehicle with the driver trapped inside. Angulo, who was on the site, first did not realise that the driver was trapped and called for him to hop out of the car. When he got no response he and another bystander rushed to the car door and pulled out the driver to safety, as per the reports. 

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Driver rushed to hospital

Speaking to the media about the incident, Angulo said that he was really shocked to see 20 other people at the incident site busy on their cellphone and doing nothing. As the blaze surrounded the truck, Angulo and another bystander were able to get the driver out of the car, pulling him out to the safety through the window. Angulo added that the man's legs and arms were all burned. According to the reports, the driver was then suddenly rushed to a nearby hospital where he recieved treated.

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Man praised for his actions

In somewhat similar incident, a Nebraska-based man Terry Ingram is being applauded for his actions after he dived in to save three men whose car flipped and landed upside down in an icy pond. According to reports, Terry Ingram was clicking pictures on December 11 when he saw a car suddenly lose control, hitting a fire hydrant and landing in the pond. While talking to a local media outlet, Ingram described the incident and said that the car was right in front of him. He went on to say that the car went out of control while crossing the railroad tracks, adding that after hitting the hydrant, the car flipped and directly landed upside-down in the icy pond. Ingram then heard of the passenger's in the car screaming for help and he immediately ran to help them out.

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