Dubai Bar Offers Free Drinks To Women Depending On Their Weight

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A bar in Dubai introduced an unusual promotional offer of free drinks to women based on their weight where they are offered more drinks if they weigh more.

Written By Kunal Gaurav | Mumbai | Updated On:

A bar in Dubai introduced an unusual promotional offer of free drinks to women based on their weight. Fusion Club, at the Cassells Al Barsha Hotel, came up with the idea to offer more drinks to women who weigh more. The club has placed a weighing machine at the door, with the slogan “It’s good to gain weight”, where women must weigh themselves or write their weight on a piece of paper and give it to the staff.

An exhaustive list of drinks

The offer says that each kilogram will be equivalent to drink worth one United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), which means women weighing 50 kilograms will get free drinks of worth 50 AED or about Rs 1000. Under this offer, there is no limit on the range of drinks so women can choose any drink they like. Talking to a British Daily, vice president of the Fusion bar said that their motive was to standout among the nightclubs and hotels and wanted women surprising their partners and friends with the message that it’s good to gain weight. 

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Extended till December

Bar’s vice president also claimed that they never insist anyone check their weight and trust the women with whatever number they write on the paper. He said that the club often comes up with unique and crazy offers which are welcomed by everyone. The deal has been such a success for the bar that it has extended the offer period till December, which was earlier supposed to expire in August.

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Body positivity or encouragement to an unhealthy lifestyle?

The tag-line 'it's good to gain weight' has been put up all around the venue giving the vibe of body positivity but social media was divided on such promotional offer.  "This is just stupid, and FYI it promotes fat gain and obesity... like the fatter you are the more we'll allow you to consume empty calories which, in turn, will make you... even fatter?" tweeted a user, saying it encourages obesity.

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