Ecuador: Authorities Detain Taxi Union Leader, Protests Suspended

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The Ecuadorian authorities released military vehicles for the civilian passengers, arrested many transport union leaders, which has led to the end of protests

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The Ecuadorian authorities have released military vehicles for the civilian passengers on October 4 and also arrested many transport union leaders, which further lead to suspension of protest action. Taxi, bus, and other services were shut as a protest against the escalating fuel prices. However, the end of demonstrations reportedly have hinted towards reaching an agreement with the government. The details of the deal are not yet announced, but the speculation is an increase in fare prices with discounted vehicles and spare parts for transport operators. 

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'Wouldn't back down'

The President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno had also declared a state of emergency in the country due to strike said on Friday that he would not back down on the government's decision to end costly fuel subsidies. This was the reason which hiked the diesel price to twice the previous rate as well as a steep increase in gasoline prices. According to the President, the previously offered subsidy has been harmful to the nation's economy and was hard on the state's pocket for many years. The Ecuador leader has assured to provide a mechanism that makes the changes less severe, however, under no circumstance will the government change the measure. 

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The Violence and Arrests

Reportedly, the streets of Quito were flooded with people walking to their work or were seen asking to share rides with their friends, family and also strangers. The youths threw stones at the police officials, to which the authorities reverted by using tear gas in major areas of the city. The violence purportedly was more severe on Thursday, the first day of the strike. As reported by the police, nearly 350 people have been detained for blocking the traffic and causing an interruption in public services or violence against the police. According to the Minister of the government, Maria Paula Romo, Jorge Calderon, the national taxi drivers' leader had also been detained for halting the public service along with two regional transport officials. 

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