El Salvador Bishop Urges US To Not Deport Son, Says 'gangs Will Go After Him'

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El Salvador Bishop David Alvarado reportedly said that his son refused to work for the brutal gangs who had forced him to distribute weapons and drugs.

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El Salvador

El Salvador’s top Anglican Bishop requested the United States to not deport his son as it would put his life in danger back home. Bishop David Alvarado reportedly said that his son refused to work for the brutal gangs who had forced him to distribute weapons and drugs. He fled to the US in 2016 to start working in construction.

Josue Alvarado had a flat tyre and waiting for highway assistance when police turned up and asked for necessary documents to prove he was a legal resident in the country. Failing to show the documents, police arrested the 34-year-old and turned him over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The younger Alvarado was reportedly denied asylum for lack of reasonable fear and is currently in custody in Ohio. The Bishop fears the gangs will go after his son if he is deported back and hopes that he will be granted asylum in the US or Canada. Homicide cases in El Salvador dropped in 2019 by 25.5 per cent but the gangs still hold a strong grip in the region forcing people to seek asylum in the United States.

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Migration through to US-Mexico border

In September, El Salvador and the United States agreed to strengthen the former's capacity to provide for asylum seekers. The mutual agreement is meant to reduce the flow of migrants at the US-Mexico border which is one of the top priorities of Trump administration.

US President Donald Trump has been tough on asylum-seekers and has been constantly asking for stricter regulations, especially on the southern border. He also once hailed his administration claiming that the number of undocumented migrants staying in the US is rapidly decreasing.

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The Trump administration is now stepping up its effort to collect DNA samples from asylum-seekers detained by immigration officials and the Justice Department will publish amended regulation to achieve the objective. The regulation will also ensure the collection of DNA from detained migrants. 

According to a Justice Department official, DNA information will be added to the database of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The rule will not apply to legal permanent residents but there has not been clarity on asylum-seekers coming through official crossings. Under this regulation, children under 14 years of age will be exempted.

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