Falcon Captured In A Magnificent Drone Shot Over Dnieper River

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Dr. Komarovsky captured a magnificent footage of a falcon over the Dnieper River in Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine, while calling the bird as a 'wonderful predator'

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:

Evgeny Komarovsky, a pediatrician captured a magnificent footage of a falcon over the Dnieper River in Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine. The doctor posted on Facebook on September 22 claiming that how the falcon specially selected a pose to fit in the frame with a beautiful view behind. The bird seems to be curious as it is seen swooping towards the doctor's drone again and again. Dr. Komarovsky further claimed that after a consensus from an ornithologist he came to the conclusion that the young falcon belongs to a close-knit group of the Eurasian hobby also known as Falco Subbuteo.  

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"A wonderful predator" 

The Facebook post has already received 4,800 likes and impressive comments. One of the netizens commented “Breathtaking photo”, another commented, “You need to have a photo exhibition already. The pictures are unrealistic. In general, I thought at first that this was a photoshopped picture”. Dr. Komarovsky himself calls the bird “a wonderful predator”. He went to Cherkasy region for fishing but landed up capturing the photo of the bird. He further added, “a bird photoshoot is cooler than any fish!”. He also wrote that the falcon is a small dove-sized bird of prey and as it is a migratory bird it will be flying very soon to Africa from Ukraine.  

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Closeup shot of a seagull 

In 2017, Kjell Robertson from Norway tried to capture a closeup shot of a seagull so he placed a camera right next to the bread. When the birds arrived a few minutes later, it enjoyed eating the bread pieces but with that, the bird flew away with Robertson's Go-pro camera as well. The bird's theft made for the most stunning drone-like footage as the bird took off with the camera between its beaks and the camera captured an incredible video of the picturesque coast and adjoining areas. The bird eventually dropped the camera, pecked at the screen and flew off again. The owner of the camera couldn't find the camera for the next five months but eventually was able to get some footage and close-ups he wanted. 

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