FM Al-Jubeir Urges The International Community To Stand Against Iran

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Saudi FM said on September 22 that the international community's procrastination and lack of determination will only encourage Iran

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said on September 22 in an interview with a local television network that the international community's procrastination and lack of determination regarding Iran will only encourage Iran to carry out further acts of sabotage in the region. He urged the international community to stand firm against Iran. He added that loans, money transfers, and normalization only encourages Iranian hostility. Addressing Saudi Arabia's allies, Al-Jubeir said that normalizing relations with Iran will not be successful because Iran has proven that it responds to offers of peace and friendship with killing and destruction. He appealed to the international community to maintain distance from Iran saying that avoiding a firm stance only leads to more Iranian aggression like the one that was manifest in the September 14 attack on the Abqaiq and Khurais oil fields.

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Adel Al-Jubeir: Iran's recent warnings to Saudi Arabia are ridiculous and laughable

He said Iran's recent warnings to Saudi Arabia are ridiculous and laughable. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif earlier said on Friday that he is interested to avoid any conflicts but Iran released a statement of aggressive all-out war in the event of an attack by Saudi and U.S. forces. The foreign minister said that the attack that Iran conducted was an attack against the whole world. He added that Iran is trying to justify it and finding ways to create division. His comments come amid a state of escalated tensions between Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the U.S. following drone and missile attacks on two Saudi oil facilities a week ago. The attacks, claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels, shut down half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production.

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Saudi Arabia and the US accuses Iran 

Saudi Arabia and the US have already accused Iran to play a key role in the attacks which was denied by Iran calling it meaningless and pointless. He stressed the international community's role in reigning in what he called Iran's aggressive behaviour. He also said that it is Saudi's responsibility to protect its borders, people and infrastructure. Saudi Arabia is dealing with a four-year-long conflict with Yemen's Houthi rebels during which its airstrikes have been responsible for thousands of civilian deaths, according to international monitoring groups.

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