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UK: Footage Shows Car Deliberately Driving By Puddle To Drench Policeman

Footage shows a police officer casually walking along a pavement was left shocked as a Volkswagen rushed past, drenching him from head to toe.


The footage of a driver in the UK splashing water on a police officer while driving past a large puddle by the side of the road has captured the attention of the social media users. The officer, who can be seen casually walking along a pavement in the clip was left shocked as a Volkswagen rushed past, drenching him from head to toe.

The clip has about 4 million views and was shared by a Facebook page by the name Britain’s Most Wanted. In the clip, an unnamed driver spots a police officer strolling by the roadside as his co-passenger jokes to “get the officer”.

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Red Volkswagen deliberately drives through puddle to drench officer 

It can be heard in the clip that the driver wasn’t alone in his car and was accompanied by his mates. They could be heard laughing and giggling at the police officer. The clip was filmed from the passenger’s seat, presumably by one of the driver’s friends. Once the driver and his passengers spotted the officer, they had their son get off to film the officer's reaction from the side of the road.

Then the driver goes ahead before turning around and waiting for the officer to walk by the puddle. As the officer strolls further by the large puddle of water, within seconds, the red Volkswagen heads straight past him close to the curb drenching him.

The driver can be heard honking in order to capture the officer’s attention after the ordeal. He gives the officer a smirk as the clueless officer stares in disbelief. The officer, as can be seen in the clip, was distressed and couldn’t do anything as the car drove off right before his eyes.

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A line of cars slowed down by the side of the road to check whether the officer was alright. In the UK, the majority of drivers convicted of deliberately splashing a pedestrian reportedly receive a £100 fine and three penalty points, which could be up to £5,000.

Facebook users reacted to the video with many condemning the behaviour. “Happened to someone I know this while out running. Unfortunately for the tit that did it, they stopped at a petrol station a bit further up. My mate caught them up there and give the driver a proper hammering”, wrote a user. Others reacted saying, “You must be absolutely ashamed of yourself for this nasty behaviour. Sorry for everyone who even smiles when they watch this”.

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