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Four Meerkats Huddle Under A Heat Lamp, Internet Smells A Plot

Written By Shloak Prabhu | Mumbai | Published:


  • A picture which is being circulated online shows a group of Meerkats warming together under a lamp
  • The weather around these creatures was chilled enough for them to snuggle up close
  • Netizens had things to say

In a picture that has gone viral online, a group of Meerkats are seen huddled up together warming up under a lamp, and also, some would say, posing for the shutterbugs.

The four meerkats give the unmistakable appearance of plotting something, but given that critters don't do that, it's more likely that they were simply cozying up together under the lamp so that some of the snow that appears to have accumulated on their backs thaws. 

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As soon as the picture was circulated on Twitter, it became fodder for netizens, with the Twitterati picking up on the evil mastermind theme:

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Some users smelled conspiracy and others even claimed an alien hand:

One of the Meerkats even turned back and looked straight towards the photographer. Regardless of the human presence around them, the Meerkats did not seem to be bothered. In fact, they stood under the heat lamp and were at it for quite some time. 

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