France: Massive Fire In Chemical Plant, Schools To Remain Closed

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A massive fire broke out from a chemical plant located in Western France. Authorities have shut down schools in 11 areas, asked people to stay indoors.

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On September 26, a massive fire broke out from a chemical plant located in Western France. According to the reports of France media, the authorities have shut down schools in the neighboring 11 areas and have asked the residents of the place to stay at home. The fire was reported from the French City of Rouen after a sudden explosion was witnessed from a toxic chemical factory. According to the international media, the fire broke at Lubrizol plant in Rouen. The factory is categorized as high risk due to the kind of chemicals that are produced. 

Schools and Nurseries to remain closed 

The officials in the Seine-Maritime region asked the people to be careful and not to carry non-essentials in the area after the fire alarm broke in the Lubrizol plant. After the incident, the Interior Ministry immediately tweeted that schools and nurseries in the area will remain closed and people in the nursing homes are confined. The residents were also asked to limit their movement in the area as a precaution. The officials informed the French media that according to the initial investigation the molecules released by the smoke does not contain any acute toxicity, however, the required measures are taken. 

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The massive fire

After the incident, Twitter broke with images and reactions. The images broadcasted by the BFM television displayed images with massive black smoke with orange flames, which is difficult to handle. There are about 200 firefighters deployed by the France government to control the situation. The firefighters are fighting since Thursday morning. One can witness the smoke from several kilometers. Many people shared pictures and videos on Twitter.

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French authorities to investigate the cause of the fire

According to the local people the explosion happened at 2.50 am on Thursday. The sudden break of a series of explosions at the factory alarmed the local residents. One of the officials has informed the international media that the fire initiated in the storage section of the factory where the lubricant additives were kept. While the cause is yet to be investigated. According to Lubrizol’s website, the factory produces additives for lubricants and paint. The company, however, has not released any public statement regarding the incident. As per the latest update, no injuries have been reported. The French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner also said that after the investigation there are no harmful elements present in the smoke.

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