From 'sweet Maggie' To 'Einstein Khan', 5 Bizarre Stories That Cracked Us Up In 2019

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2019 was rocked by some weird and some very strange incidents. From 'sweet maggie' to 'Einstein Khan', five bizarre stories that cracked us up this year

Written By Vishal Tiwari | Mumbai | Updated On:

It is the last day of 2019 and also the last day of the decade, so let's check out some of the most bizarre stories of this year. From Pulwama attack to India losing the semi-final of Cricket World Cup, 2019 was not a year of great memories but, we have curated five bizarre news stories of the year which have cracked us up. The list is curated in the ascending order.

Bizarre stories of 2019

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is on the fifth spot for his 'oxygen' remark. Prime Minister Imran Khan faced the wrath of Twitter when he said that trees produce oxygen at night. The video immediately went viral on social media with people calling him 'Einstein Khan'.  

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A man from Bhind, Madhya Pradesh has been listed at number four for marrying two sisters at the same wedding ceremony. Dileep had been married to one of the sisters for 9 years but his wife wanted him to marry her cousin as she had not been well and wanted someone to take care of their three children. Dileep married his wife and her sister at the same wedding. 

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Pakistan's fantasy video has grabbed the number three spot on our list. A video surfaced in Pakistan which was set in 2025. The video showed Indian skipper Virat Kohli, openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma playing for Pakistan cricket team at Jammu & Kashmir Cricket stadium. The video ends with Pakistan taking over entire India. 

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At number two we have the airpods strap launched by a Swedish company last year. Since the famous apple airpods were launched it has become a phenomenon to replace your earphones with the wireless airpods. But the Swedish company has launched a strap for airpods so you can convert it back into earphones. The straps are priced somewhere between Rs 2000 to Rs 6000. 

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And finally, at number one, we have the sweet milk maggie you would definitely love to have. The video was shared by Sahil Adhikaari where you can see a packet of maggie noodles being boiled with milk and water. Rose petals, condensed milk, and kewra essence are later added to give a finishing touch to the the weird dessert. The internet went crazy after they saw their favorite maggie dipped into the milk with other sweet ingredients. 

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