Georgia Police Officer Hailed A 'hero' After Saving Baby's Life By Performing CPR

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A police officer from Georgia was hailed a ‘hero’ after a video of him emerged in which he saves a 6-month-old baby who couldn’t breathe by performing CPR.

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Harold Drummond, a police Sergeant at Waynesboro, Georgia is reportedly hailed a ‘hero’ after a video of him emerged in which he saves a 6-moth-old baby who couldn’t breathe.

The video was reportedly captured on his body camera in which AJ Sherrod, a six-month-old infant can be seen outside a Dollar General store when he suddenly stops breathing and is rescued by the officer in an honourable act.

AJ reportedly suffers from respiratory issues and wasn’t breathing when the said officer performed two-finger infant CPR on the boy. Drummond told the media that he was extremely nervous when he saw the baby that looked like his own son or the grandson. He further added that he would prefer to look down the barrel of the gun than to look down at a baby in distress, 'the situation was unimaginable' he added.

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The sergeant said it was hard for him sentimentally to rescue the baby

Angel Collins, the mother of the infant told media that the family was headed to a children's hospital on January 18 when their son suddenly stopped breathing, so they pulled over outside the store to call 911. She stated that sergeant Drummond was in the right place at the right time and saved the baby.

The sergeant informed the reporters that it was hard for him sentimentally to rescue the baby considering the infant wasn’t breathing. A lot of people do not realize that the officers are humans, he added.

In a separate incident last year, a police officer rescued a 19-months-old infant in Scottsville, Kentucky, who had reportedly suffered from a similar predicament when it stopped breathing. The family reportedly called the 911 and Scottsville Police Sgt. James Talbott jumped into action to save the baby Aiden by performing CPR on him. Aiden's mother, Misty King had thanked the officer in a post on social media for saving her son’s life.

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