Holocaust: Cousins Reunited 75 Years After Fleeing Romania In WW2

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Two Jewish cousins were reunited 75 years after fleeing Romania and believing each other had been killed by the Germans at a camp during the Holocaust

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Two Jewish cousins reunited 75 years after running from Romania and believing each other had been killed by the Germans in the Holocaust. The two brothers, Morris Sana and Simon Mairowitz, grew up as thick childhood friends in Romania. Due to a fascist coup joining the Romanian government with Nazi Germany, the two friends separately fled their hometown.

Friends reunite after 75 years 

For 75 years, both believed that the other one had died in the Nazi concentration camps until Sana’s daughter tracked down some of her relatives online and began communicating with them on Facebook. 

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Soon after Sana’s daughter figured out the connection, Mairowitz flew from his home in the UK to Israel, were Sana now lives. In an emotional video of both friend’s reunion after 75 long years, all the other relatives can be seen crying in joy and recording the priceless moment. 

The original video was posted on Facebook by Sana’s granddaughter, Leetal Ofer, Sana enters the hotel room and walks towards Mairowitz. As he catches sight of his cousin, Sana breaks into tears yet smiles when he sees him, holding his arms out. 

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A heartwarming reunion

In the video, Mairowitz can be heard saying, “You can see me now, can’t you?”, touching Sana's face as he starts crying. “Good to see you” sobs Sana, barely able to speak through his tears. “It’s good to see you too”, Mairowitz responds, holding his cousin’s face in his hands. In the video, Sana’s hands can be seen shivering as he touches Mairowitz.  

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Sana goes on to tell Mairowitz, his junior by two years, that he stills remembers him as a small boy. “You remember that do you?” Mairowitz responds. “Because I can’t remember that. Ms Ofer was quoted saying "this is one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen and I’d love to share it with you".

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