Hong Kong: Carrie Lam Cites Protests' Economic Threat, Addresses Parl

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In a speech that she was forced to give through a video, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's under-fire leader, criticized the ongoing violent protests in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

In a very significant speech that she was forced to give through a video, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's under-fire leader, criticized the ongoing violent protests in the semi-autonomous state for effecting the economy and tainting the reputation of the global financial hub. In the video speech, Lam condemned the pro-democracy protests that have now been going on for approximately 4 months. She also talked about how the protesters started the attacks that in turn resulted in chaos and fear in the lives of the people living in Hong Kong.

Protests could pose a threat to the economy

In addition to this, she added that violent protests could pose a threat to the economy amid the ongoing trade war between China and the United States of America. Lam added that Hong Kong's economy grew by a mere 0.5 %, calling it the worst growth since the 2009 recession. 

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In her speech, the beleaguered leader stated that the former British colony could trust the efficiency in its bureaucratic system, rule of law and the "one country two systems" model and its reputation as a global financial hub but under no circumstances would she accept or tolerate the state's advocacy for Independence and issues that would challenge the "national sovereignty"
Lawyers arguing for a pro-democratic environment heckled and shouted negative comments as Lam entered the Parliamentary chamber and began with her speech that ultimately got canceled before it could end.

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Protests against the extradition bill

The parliamentary sessions were resumed for the first time since it was suspended when it was mobbed by protesters who were demanding the withdrawal of the highly criticized extradition bill wherein convicts were sent to mainland China for their trials. 

The lawyers who were against the Hong Kong leader asked Lam to submit her resignation as they criticized her for not putting a stop to the violent measures the police officials were adopting against the protesters in Hong Kong.

The past few months have seen Hong Kong being subjected to anti-government demonstrations, over the issue of a controversial extradition bill. The protests of late have of late seen a rise in violent activities by protesters and police alike. Recently, a young protester was shot in the chest with a gun during a violent confrontation between the people protesting and the cops.

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