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In Canada, Pro-Khalistanis Clash With Indians During Diwali Celebrations; Slogans Raised

A clash broke out between a pro-Khalistani group & Indian nationals in Brampton during Diwali celebrations. Flag-waving faceoff & sloganeering witnessed

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In Canada, clashes broke out between the pro-Khalistani group and Indian nationals in Brampton. The incident took place at Westwood Mall during the Diwali celebrations when a flag-waving faceoff was witnessed between both groups.

Pro-Khalistani group clashes with Indian nationals

In the video which has now gone viral on social media, around 400 to 500 people gathered at the mall's parking lot, and slogans were raised during the confrontation. The separatist group was waving the yellow Khalistani flag and raising slogans of Khalistan zindabad. While the other group can be seen with the Indian tricolour and chanting Jai Shree Ram. 

The Peel police intervened and the tensions were brought under control. During the faceoff, one man was injured and the area was temporarily closed, informed the police officials. However, this incident has caused resentment among Canadians as they have demanded stern action from the government.

India Asks Canada To Stop Khalistan Referendum Scheduled On Nov 6

Earlier this week, India called on Canada to stop the Khalistan referendum scheduled to be held on November 6. The referendum is being organised by the banned Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) group. A senior Foreign Ministry official has contacted a senior High Commission official of Canada and stated that the referendum would pose a challenge to India's territorial integrity and sovereignty, Sputnik reported citing media reports The Indian Embassy in Canada will raise also the issue with Global Affairs, Canada next week. 

Notably, the first referendum was organized in Brampton on September 19. On October 22, the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that it is "unfortunate" that objectionable developments are allowed in a friendly nation. He stated that India has conveyed concerns at different levels of the Canadian government. Speaking at a press briefing, Bagchi stressed that India expects such activities will not take place in Canada. He further said that the Ministry of External Affairs has also issued an advisory on how anti-India activities are rising in Canada and how they pose a risk to Indians. Bagchi underscored that they should not forget the Kanishka bomb blast and stressed that the bombings can also get linked to similar activities.

Arindam Bagchi said, "It is very unfortunate that such things are being allowed in a friendly country. We have obviously conveyed different levels to the Canadian government. We expect that there should not be such developments or such activities, we have also issued an advisory on how anti-India activity is increasing in that country and how much risk can be there for us Indians in such things," he added. 

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