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India At UN Expresses Grave Concern Over Human Rights Violations By Myanmar's Junta Regime

While expressing concern over the military regime, India has once again condemned the brutal attack of the Myanmar coup at the international forum on Tuesday.


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India has once again condemned the brutal attack of the Myanmar coup on its citizens at the international forum on Tuesday. Like earlier, this time too, New Delhi appealed to the junta to restore all the rights of the countrymen who have been facing illegal detention and killing since February last year. While expressing concern over the military regime, India, during the ongoing 50th session of the Human Rights Council, appealed to the junta to return to the path of democracy at the earliest.

From the Indian side, Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Indramani Pandey, during the Interactive Dialogue on the Oral Update of the High Commissioner on the situation of Human Rights in Myanmar, underscored that his country shares a long border with Naypyidaw and added the ongoing turbulence has directly impacted New Delhi. 

He maintained that the women and children are the worst sufferers of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar and added New Delhi will always stand beside it when it comes to supplying developmental and humanitarian assistance. He informed that India has already provided more than 10,000 tons of rice and wheat to Myanmar under grant assistance to alleviate the current food shortage situation in the country. Besides, India has also given vaccines to Myanmar to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, he said.

Further, he noted that the safety and security of the people of Myanmar remain India's utmost priority. "India emphasized its interest in seeing Myanmar's return to democracy at the earliest; release of detainees and prisoners; resolution of issues through mutual dialogue, and complete cessation of all violence," said Pandey. "We have concerns over violence perpetrated by any side. Peaceful dialogue and reconciliation involving all stakeholders is the only way forward," he added. "Progress must be made on humanitarian assistance for the population in need. We also call for a credible political process with the participation of all stakeholders. India will work towards facilitating that larger objective," Pandey noted.

Military coup in Myanmar

The military takeover in the country met with massive public protests that resulted in a lethal crackdown by security forces who routinely fire live ammunition into crowds. According to a tally kept by the independent Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, at least 1,887 people have been killed in the protest. Casualties are also rising among the military and police as armed resistance grows in both urban and rural areas.

Image: @IndiaUNGeneva/Twitter

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