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Rare Inflammatory Syndrome Seen In Children Who Tested Positive For COVID-19

Earlier, Britain's NHS warned that there was a rise in inflammatory syndrome in children with the overlapping features of atypical Kawasaki disease.


Children in the United States, who tested positive for the novel coronavirus are experiencing a rare inflammatory disease of the heart and organs that could be linked with the COVID-19, the health experts reportedly said. The syndrome causes the patient to experience like their blood vessels are “on fire” that can even lead to rare complications in the body. 

Earlier, Britain's National Health Service (NHS) warned that there was a rise witnessed in children infected with the overlapping features of atypical Kawasaki disease that appears to be a toxic shock syndrome. France's health minister Olivier Veran was quoted as saying that all the paediatricians and critical care medical workers are trying to establish whether the syndrome was linked with COVID-19. And while the data shows that there wasn’t significant spike and children were not overall at risk of the infection, research into the disease is being carried out. According to official data released earlier this month, only 0.4 per cent children were hospitalized due to the syndrome, media reports confirmed.  

Across Europe and the United States, reports of autoimmune complications have also emerged, as doctors asked parents to remain vigilant over the symptoms if their kids were ill, confirmed media reports. However, much more research was needed before the health experts related the condition with the novel coronavirus. 

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20 cases in Paris

Physician at Cohen Children's Medical Centre in New York, Sunil Sood, was quoted saying that only three or four cases came up to him and his colleagues in past three weeks. He added that the syndrome was witnessed in slightly older kids, than the usual age for the children that get ill with the Kawasaki disease. 

A disease that primarily impacts the kids, Kawasaki affects children from the age group one to five and causes fever, joint pain, skin peel, and inflammation of the internals, as per reports. Head of paediatric cardiology at Necker Hospital, Damien Bonnet, was quoted as saying that in Paris alone, about 20 children have been recorded with this mysterious syndrome, and there are more elsewhere.  

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