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International Day Of Girl Child 2021: Know Its History, Significance And Other Details

The International Day of Girl Child recognises adolescent girls' relevance, strength, and potential by advocating the creation of new opportunities for them.

International Day of Girl Child

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The International Day of the Girl Child is commemorated every year on October 11 to empower and amplify the voices of girls across the world. It recognises adolescent girls' relevance, strength, and potential by advocating the creation of new opportunities for them. This day is especially significant because it addresses the gender-based difficulties that young girls confront worldwide, such as child marriages, discrimination, violence, and limited educational opportunities. This year, the United Nations calls on the world to bridge the gender digital divide in various skills and jobs, an issue that society is increasingly experiencing as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"Let’s seize the momentum to drive action and accountability of Generation Equality Forum (GEF) commitments made, for and with girls to achieve a bold vision of bridging the digital gender divide," stated the UN. 

The history behind the day

The Beijing Declaration established the International Day of the Girl Child in 1995 during the World Conference on Women in China. It was the first gathering to recognise the importance of addressing difficulties that adolescent girls confront worldwide. The celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child originated as a non-governmental, international organisation initiative. This movement aimed to empower girls, particularly in underdeveloped nations, by promoting their rights and assisting them in getting out of poverty. 

Significance of the day

This day emphasises the importance of addressing the issues that girls experience and promoting girls' empowerment and the realisation of their human rights. Nations must commit to assisting young girls in developing into empowered women with access to adequate healthcare, skill-based learning opportunities, and equitable opportunity in a world free of gender-based violence and discrimination. Notably, UNESCO is dedicated to commemorating International Women's Day to guarantee that all girls have access to high-quality education and a better and more dignified life.

How to contribute to the day

According to the United Nations, there are numerous ways to contribute to promoting the International Day of the Girl Child. One can choose to share stories, videos, and blogs of inspiring adolescent girls who are tech trailblazers while collectively raising the call to action to widen these routes for every girl across the globe. Furthermore, people can also increase their awareness of strategies to address the gender digital divide and further expand the means for accomplishing meaningful and long-term change in the digital revolution.

Some notable quotes on the day

  • We have begun to raise daughters more like sons..but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters: Gloria Steinem 
  • She may be little but she is fierce: William Shakespeare
  • Without your consent no one can make you feel inferior: Eleanor Roosevelt
  • It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals: Emma Watson
  • I admire women who can be feminists and fight for women's rights, who believe in our powers as individuals and yet not apologize for beauty: Olivia Wilde 

Image: Pixabay/Representative

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