IPhone Saves Man From A Bow And Arrow Attack, Read How

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An iPhone saved the life of a man who was attacked with a bow and an arrow.

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated On:
(Source: Facebook)

A man from Australia who had an arrow fired at him in a struck of good luck, was able to block it with his iPhone. The incident took place in the city of Nimbin in New South Wales and the police in a statement later confirmed that the 43-year-old man who was attacked, suffered just a small scratch on his chin, as his mobile phone acted as a shield. 

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Speaking about the events that took place, at 9 am on Wednesday morning the man was confronted by the attacker outside his house. And, when the man raised his phone to take a picture of the attacker, the latter fired an arrow which pierced right through the iPhone thus saving the man's life. 

Sharing two pictures of the damaged phone, the police on their Facebook account wrote, "It's alleged the man fired the arrow at the resident which pierced through the man's mobile phone causing the phone to hit him in the chin. It left a small laceration that didn't require medical treatment," 

The attacker, who is said to be a 39-year-old man was later arrested at the scene was taken to the police station, where he was charged with the intent to commit an indictable offence, and causing actual bodily harm and malicious damage.

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