Israeli Tanks Attack Two Hamas' Military Posts After Extremists Fire Projectiles

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Israeli army reportedly said that its tanks on February 8 had attacked military posts located in Gaza strip. Their tanks attackedHamas' two military posts

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Israel's army reportedly said that its tanks on February 8 had attacked military posts located in Gaza strip. According to reports, the decision to attack came after extremists located in the Palestinian enclave launched a projectile at Israel. The army further added that their tanks attacked Hamas' two military posts located in the northern Gaza strip. Although Israel orchestrated attack did not result in any damage or casualties.

The projectile fired from Gaza was for open areas

According to reports, the Israeli Army said that the projectile fired from Gaza was for open areas. A representative of the regional council located in Shaar Hanegev, next to northeast Gaza, said that the projectile had hit an open ground. According to reports, the frequency of Palestinian attacks increased since January 28, when Donald Trump talked about his thoughts on resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine, a vision that has been rejected by leaders in Gaza and West Bank.

Both Hamas-the militant organisation that controls Gaza strip and Palestinians have rejected Trump's plans which would allow Israel to annex all of its Jewish settlements, along with the Jordan Valley, in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinians were offered limited self-rule in Gaza, parts of the West Bank and some sparsely populated areas of Israel in return for meeting a long list of conditions.

The following developments would allow Israel to have complete control of Jerusalem and headway to annex all settlements and other parts of the West Bank. The Palestinians would be offered a state in remaining parts of the West Bank and Gaza.

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Israeli launch wide-scale airstrikes

The Israeli military on January 31 admitted that it launched wide-scale airstrikes on militant targets in the Gaza Strip shortly after Palestinian militants fired three rockets into the Israeli territory. According to international media reports, two out of the three rockets were intercepted by the Israeli armed forces.

Gaza has been relatively calm in recent months as Egyptian and UN Mediators have worked to bring the Israeli government and Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules the coastal territory, to the negotiating table.

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