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COVID-19: Italy Sees Drop In Number Of Coronavirus Intensive Care Patients

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Italy has reported a drop in the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care, give ng some much-needed respite to hospitals.

COVID-19: Italy sees drop in number of ICU patients for the first time

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Italy has reported a drop in the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care. According to reports, the European country that has been the worst affected due to the coronavirus had its world-class healthcare system stretched to its absolute limit due to the pandemic.

As per reports, Civil protection service chief Angelo Borrelli has reported that the number of people receiving intensive care had dropped from 4,068 on April 3 to 3,994 on April 4. He added that this was a very important turning point in Italy’s battle against COVID-19. Borrelli reportedly told reporters that for the first time the numbers were decreasing and therefore it is important data and an important indicator.

According to reports, Borrelli further claimed that the drop in patients in ICU allows Italy’s already overburdened hospitals some time to breathe and gives them some much-needed respite. The daily rise in infection in Italy has also decreased to four per cent. Italian officials are still not declaring victory over the virus even though the number of new cases is falling, they are expecting at least one more month of lockdown so that the virus can be fully brought under control.

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European Commission President apologises

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on April 2 reportedly apologised to Italy for a 'lack of solidarity' from Europe in tackling the rapid spread of coronavirus in the country. Italy is one of the worst-hit countries as it has recorded more than 13,000 coronavirus deaths, which is more than any other country. Ursula’s apology came after widespread dismay over Europe’s response to the pandemic, starting with an initial failure to send medical aid and followed by a refusal amongst northern nations to endorse joint bonds to mitigate the cost or recovery. 

The far-right League party has also jumped on the discontent to call into question Italy’s continued membership of the 27-nation bloc. Furthermore, several pro-Europeans have also expressed consternation at the lack of empathy and support. After facing criticism, however, Ursula has now reportedly promised greater help in dealing with the economic fallout. 

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