Jakarta Man's Ambitious Plan To Build An Helicopter To Beat Traffic

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Jujun Junaedi, was apparently fed up with the traffic he daily encountered, is now trying to finish building his own helicopter to beat traffic in Indonesia

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:

A man from Indonesia, Jujun Junaedi, was apparently fed up with the traffic he daily encountered, is now trying to finish an ambitious project by building his own helicopter in order to have a smooth flow of travel. According to reports, Jujun did not like the bumper to bumper traffic that he encountered on an everyday basis right outside his auto-repair shop.

A man's effort to beat the traffic

The auto-repair shop owner has been working on the project of building a helicopter for more than a year and is hoping to finish the project by end of 2019 or early 2020. While talking to a local media outlet, he stated that he will be able to conduct a test flight by the end of the current year or the early half of next year. 

He further added that it took some time to gather all the parts required to build the helicopter and said that he did not want to use the money reserved for his household expenses.

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A joint effort

Junaedi said that he had his 16-year-old helping him out. The teenager known as Febriansyah is using the knowledge he gets in high school, taking the help of YouTube and is spending time at his dad's repair shop to build the 8-meter big helicopter. 

The teenager said they had got the engine up and running but the top propeller was not complete and that is why they're not able to conduct a test flight. The father-son duo is using a 700cc motor that they have taken from a generator and two premium fuel cylinders.

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The Indonesian man has spent more than $600000 on his project and he said the inspiration to take such a step came from Indonesia's taxi service Whitesky Aviation, that specializes in nonscheduled charter flights, which has already 500 aerial taxi rides to its credit since the year 2017.

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