Japan Sends Its Warship To Protect Oil Tankers Amid Tensions Between The US And Iran

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A Japanese warship has reportedly left for the Middle East in order to safeguard its oil tankers due to rising tensions between the United States and Iran.

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A Japanese warship has reportedly left for the Middle East in order to safeguard its oil tankers that may be subject to problems due to tensions between the United States and Iran. According to reports, the warship is called Takanami and departed from the major Japanese naval base located in Yokosuka with more than 100 crew members on board. In addition to this, it is said that the primary objective of the warship is to gather intelligence reports in the Gulf of Oman and ocean waters in close proximity to it.

'The oil tankers are the lifeline of Japanese people'

According to reports, Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe stated that the waters where the country's oil tankers are located are something that supports the lives of numerous Japanese people. Shinzo Abe said the marine route is frequented by a lot of Japanese ships every year, adding that these ships carry 90 per cent of Japan's oil supply.

According to reports, Japan's decision of sending its warship to areas of military tension between the United States and Iran will be highly sensitive for the country. It is because of its World Ward II constitution which restricts the country's military using force to only self-defence. Although, Abe expanded the role of the Japanese Military since he became Prime Minister in the year 2012.

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Japan faces criticism over plan to protect its commercial ships

The Japanese government may ask its troops to provide protection to their commercial ships in any event that poses a threat to them. However, the plan by the Shinzo Abe-led government has faced a lot of criticism from a few groups. According to reports, a warship and almost 200 troops will join the country's P-3C aircraft that were in the same area from a base located in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa.

Even though Japan is an ally of the United States, Japanese soldiers are not a part of the US headed coalition that protects the Middle East marine routes as reports suggest that Japan wants to maintain a neutral stance in the matter between the US and Iran. According to reports, Japan, which also has friendly relations with Iran, wants to serve as a mediator between both the countries in order to restore a sense of regional stability.

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