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Kyrgyzstan President Jeenbekov Declines To Resign Amid Chaos After Talks With PM Zhaparov

Kyrgyzstan's President Sooronbai Jeenbekov dismissed the protesters' demand for his resignation amid chaos on Wednesday, October 14.


Kyrgyzstan's President Sooronbai Jeenbekov dismissed the protesters' demand for his resignation on Wednesday, October 14, and said he would continue in office until the political situation in the nation is stablised. 

As per reports, Jeenbekov held high-level talks with Prime Minister Sadyr Zhaparov hours after the latter was appointed by the Kyrgyz parliament. It is worth noting that Zhaparov, a former lawmaker who was freed from the prison by demonstrators protesting the October 4 parliamentary election results, has demanded Jeenbekov's resignation. 

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Zhaparov supporters hold rally

As per reports, Jeenbekov's office has claimed that his resignation could trigger “unpredictable developments to the detriment of the state". It further clarified that Jeenbekov will only agree to resign after “he takes the country back into the legal field, after holding parliamentary and calling presidential elections.” 

Meanwhile, thousands of Zhaparov supporters held a march to the central square of the capital of Bishkek defying a police ban on demonstrations amid a state of emergency imposed by Jeenbekov. In addition, the crowd held placards and chanted for the embattled president to “Go away!”. The protesters were dispersed later in the evening. 

Zhaparov is reported to have said that he will meet with the incumbent leader on Thursday again and convince him to step down. As per reports, the parliament nominated Zhaparov on Wednesday after Jeenbekov's refusal to endorse his appointment on Saturday. The president eventually approved Zhaparov for the job on Wednesday.

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Earlier this week, Kyrgyz security forces used water cannons, stun grenades, and tear gas to disperse thousands of people gathered in Bishkek to protest over allegations of rigged elections that handed victories to parties close to the pro-Russian president. According to the international media reports, riot police used force on October 4 to disperse the crowd after they tried to break into the government headquarters. 

In addition, activists and supporters from 10 opposition parties gathered in Ala-Too square on October 5 and alleged that the parliamentary elections were rigged, with votes being bought and other irregularities marring the polls. Amid the chaos, the Kyrgystan Parliament called for a session on the night of October 6 in which the opposition lawmakers demanded the president's resignation and nominated former lawmaker Sadyr Zhaparov to replace the incumbent leader. 

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