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Lee Lin Chin Retires After 30-Years As Newsreader, Here Are A Few Iconic Moments

Written By Athulya Nambiar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Lee Lin Chin quit as SBS News presenter after 30-years
  • She is known for her powerful news presenting skills and her quirky fashion sense on air

SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin quit SBS, where she had been working as a newsreader for the past 30 years. In her last news bulletin, she was decked up in eye-catching, black plastic ruffles dress. The show aired messages from her colleagues and the veteran newsreader also thanked her staff at SBS. The people in Australia and fans of Lee across the globe are mourning her departure from the show on social media. While news anchors are meant to dress formally and avoid certain colours and patterns to avoid distraction on camera, Chin has proved that she is the boss of her business. Other than for her powerful news reading skills, she is also famous for quirky outfits she wears while presenting the news. 

The SBS newsreader took to Twitter and to sign off from her 30-year long news reading career. 

Here is the video that has glimpses of her last bulletin: 



Lee Lin Chin was born in Jakarta, Indonesia to Chinese parents and grew up in Singapore where her media career began in television and radio in 1968. She later migrated to Australia in 1980 and started working at SBS as a translator for Chinese-language films. but she left the place to join a broadcast agency, only to return back to SBS World News as a Weekend news reader in 1987. 

Here are some iconic sassy moments by the news presenter that will make you fall in love with her:

This one time in 2010, when Chin was doing serious news reading and a report from on the conflict in Afghanistan from journalist Dan Rivers, from Britain’s ITV News, happened to come up. Chin found him handsome and was caught on camera saying 'Who is that handsome?". Regardless of it, she got back into reading the news. 


Here is a compilation of all the boss moments of Chin:

Chin's Mean Tweets : 


Reportedly, Chin has not retired as a news reader, but only quit from SBS. She had said in an interview that there’s not one big reason, there’s many small to medium-sized reasons, which for the time being she wishes to keep to herself. Chin hinted that she might do news reading on a casual basis on some other channel. Meanwhile, SBS confirmed Chin would be replaced by Anton Enus.