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Christian Louboutin, French Shoe Designer, Says Super-high Heels Can Free Women

Louboutin says that walking in the iconic red-soled creations made women individualistic and liberated them. He said it allowed women to express themselves.


Celebrity French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has reportedly claimed that wearing extremely high heels makes a woman free, and carrying six-inch steep stilettos is a form of liberty. Contrary to feminists’ outlook that vertiginous heels were a form of sexual enslavement, Louboutin believes that walking in the iconic red-soled creations made women individualistic.

Women do not want to give up wearing high heels, Louboutin reportedly said. He further added that he does not think about comfort when he designs shoes under his brand. Louboutin emphasized that while the company manufactured a line of trainers and flat shoes, he was inclined to his spike-heeled classics.

Louboutin told the media that now shoe flaunting with a towering 5-inch heel was comfortable, however, customers never approached him looking for a pair of slippers. Louboutin spun back the high heel trend after it subsequently faded in the 1990s and 2000s, confirmed reports.


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Louboutin is about beauty over comfort

He further added that the lofty shoes were not to be worn at all times, it, however, allowed women to express themselves and break free out of the conventional norms that limited their freedom. Being a woman should be about enjoying one’s total freedom to be as feminine as one wanted, Louboutin emphasized.

Clarifying that he obsessed about beauty over comfort, Louboutin said that he wouldn’t want people to look at his shoes and say that they seemed comfortable. It would be better if they appreciated the beauty and design and would say that the shoes looked really beautiful, Louboutin said in media reports.

According to the reports, Louboutin learned the art of shoe designing under Roger Vivier, the man who claimed to have invented the stiletto, Louboutin. Louboutin soared to be a popular French shoe brand in the 1990s after Princess Caroline of Monaco flaunted its first solo creations. Louboutin’s fascination with heels sparked when he was 10 years old and spotted a sign that insisted banning shoes at Palais de la Porte Doree, confirmed reports.

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