Man Arrested For Running After A Flight On Dublin Airport

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Patrick Kehoe, a man in his 20s, was arrested from the Dublin Airport following a crazy incident. He reportedly ran through the door out on the tarmac, shouting at the flight to stop. He was accompanied by a lady and the couple has got late for boarding.

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A man, reportedly in his 20s, was arrested by officials after he ran on the terminal at the Dublin Airport. According to the reports, the man, named Patrick Kehoe, was late for his flight. He was being accompanied by a lady.

The couple was late for their flight to Amsterdam. According to the eye-witnesses at the airport, the man was really ‘agitated’ and banging on the glass windows near the boarding point at the airport.

Just when the couple was talking to the officials, this man broke the lock of the door and ran out on the tarmac, shouting madly for the plane to stop. The Ryanair aircraft was scheduled to fly to Amsterdam, but got delayed due to the crazy incident, which took place at 7 am in the morning. Though, the delay in departure did not result in a delay, as the flight landed on time.

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He was put down by the officials present at the airport and arrested for the misbehavior and for causing nuisance at the airport. He was then transferred to the Dublin police station. Kehoe was charged with damage to public property, though, he was granted bail for his offence. According to the reports, the man flashed his backside to the reporters and photographers present outside the court to cover the story.

This is the first incident reported of a man chasing down a flight. Numerous crazy instances have become everyday sight at the airport or in the flight.

In the recent past, a passenger on a flight in India did something similar. Reportedly, he tried to open the airline’s cockpit door, to charge his mobile phone. The man was heavily drunk. Luckily, the flight had not yet taken off. He was ultimately offloaded from the flight. Due to unavailability to make any charges, the man was left after a round of questions.

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In another instance, a man tried to steal an entire passenger jet from the Orlando Melbourne International Airport. After evaluation, no connections were found relating to terrorism of any kind. The man, all of 22 years of age, presumably possessed a commercial pilot’s licence.

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