Man Finds Out He Is Solo Passenger On 188-seater Commercial Flight. Here's What Happened

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Imagine, you are the only person on the flight!

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:
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If you are a frequent flier, you'll know the drill. Arrive an hour or two early based on your terminal to the airport. Stand in long queues to collect your boarding pass and get your luggage checked in. Walk towards your gate and find yourself amidst a huge crowd and get back in the long queue to board your flight. The long queues don't seem to end now that you found out that there is a bus that will take you to your flight. Back in the line to get into your flight.

But imagine, you are the only person on the flight!

A Lithuanian man flying to Italy got a pleasant surprise when he boarded the plane: He was the only passenger on the Boeing 737-800.

Skirmantas Strimaitis, who was flying from capital Vilnius to the northern Italian city of Bergamo for a skiing holiday March 16, had the whole plane — which can usually sit up to 188 people — to himself. The only others onboard were two pilots and five crew members.

The Novaturas travel agency said it had chartered the plane to fly a group home from Italy, and to avoid flying empty, one-way tickets were sold. Only one person bought one.

Strimaitis told that the flight, which lasted more than two hours, was “a once in the lifetime experience.”

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Earlier, a woman going by the name Geline Gacho on Facebook got to travel like a queen when she boarded a Phillipine Airlines flight from Davao to Manila.  She said that she was nervous to travel alone but when she settled in, she reportedly hopped, skipped and jumped to a new seat, as she simply could.

She stated in her Facebook how lucky she felt to be by herself in the flight and called it a lifetime opportunity.

Another woman in 2018 also found herself alone in a flight. Latsamy McAdoo, a passenger from Miami travelled from Bangkok to Koh Samui realised she was alone in the flight. 

McAdoo couldn't contain her joy it seems as she can be seen dancing through the aisles in her YouTube video of the flight.

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