'Marvel Man' Flies At 80 Kmph Wearing Gas-turbine-powered Jet Suit Over A River

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Marvel man says the aim is unparalleled human flight and mobility right in front of your eyes,leaving you inspired to question what else is possible for humans.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:
Marvel Man

Sam Rogers, a student being called Marvel Man has successfully completed a flight at 80kms per hour over a river wearing a gas-turbine-powered Jet Suit like a Marvel movie superhero as people watched in disbelief, proving that mankind can fly from one place to another, according to the reports.

Sam, who is currently an additive design lead and jet suit pilot at Gravity Industries, has reportedly redesigned a Jet Suit that has set a Guinness World Record for speed in the field of human aeronautical innovation.

Sam told the reports that five turbojet engines spooling up on your body is a great feeling, kind of like the Marvel superheroes, to wear the Jet Suit and fly. He said that the aim is an unparalleled human flight and mobility right in front of your eyes, leaving you inspired to question what else is possible for human creativity to achieve.

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Superhero Jet Suit costs $4,40,000

Sam’s company, Gravity Industries is behind the invention of Jet Suit called Daedalus Mark that uses several miniature jet engines to achieve vertical flight of an object or a human. The Jet Suit reportedly costs $4,40,000 and the company has sold 10 such suits to the inventors.

Speaking about the 3D technology in the Jet Suit, Sam told the media that it augments the body and mind of an individual to enable an unparalleled human flight with that experience. He further added that the five-turbojet engine Jet Suit that makes it possible is 3D printed entirely in aluminum, steel, and nylon.

Sam told the media that the 3D Jet Suit has kerosene-fuelled turbines on the arms and the back with controls located inside the grip handles. He added that after several iterations, the turbines are the optimal configuration, emphasizing that 3D printing is playing an ever-increasing role in the design and manufacture of such prototypes.

Sam further said that the intense 1,000 bhp roar of a Jet Suit demonstration, while an individual is on a flight, must be an amazing visual treat for the audience. Sam is planning to organise a flying race over a river with Jet Suit-wearing enthusiasts for one such demonstration, according to the reports.

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