Massive Crowd Cracks Knuckles At The Same Time, Netizens 'horrified'

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Youtuber Swaggersouls commanded a massive crowd to crack their knuckles at the same time. The noise of the combined cracking, snapping, popping turned haunting.

Written By Riya Baibhawi | Mumbai | Updated On:
Massive Crowd

A YouTuber, in a rare act, commanded everyone to crack their knuckles at the same time making it a haunting scene. YouTuber Swaggersouls ensured that the room was deathly silent before the act. The noise of the combined snap, crackle, and pop turned out to be absolutely terrifying.

Shocked and horrified

In a video posted online, Swaggersouls can be seen at the table, along with other YouTubers Toby, Fitz, McCreamy, and Zuckles in front of a large group of people. Social media users were both shocked and horrified by the noise, with one person writing that he didn’t know that he needed this.

Watch the video here:

He further revealed that maybe it’s weird but he loved the sound in the video and it made him crack his knuckles too. Another user said that it would have been great if they didn't all start yelling in the middle of it.

Weather cracking joints is harmful or not is a long-held debate. While some people claim that there are potential dangers of cracking knuckles repeatedly and go further claiming that it can cause early onset of Arthritis, some say the act is not dangerous at all.

Science states that it is simply the gas bubbles that have been displaced popping, also known as cavitation. Chiropractors use such techniques to help improve movements in the back.

A post on Harvard's website reads, "Although there have been occasional reports of dislocations or tendon injuries from overly vigorous knuckle cracking, such problems seem very much to be the exception and not the rule."

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Reportedly, a doctor who sought out to prove whether it was harmful, came back with some interesting results. He is said to have conducted a study on himself where he only cracked the joints and knuckles of one hand and left the other alone. An x-ray later showed that there was no damage to the hand that endured the life long cracking. 

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