Meet World's First Selfless Mini Vampire Who Donates Chocolates

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Meet the world's first selfless mini vampire who donates chocolates. In a viral video, a boy dressed as a vampire fills a bowl with candies as it was empty.

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In a video that is going viral on social media, a child is seen bringing the Christmas spirit to Halloween. While out for trick or treating, a boy who is dressed as a vampire for Halloween reaches a house that is out of candies. On learning this, the kid exclaims, "Öh no, there's no more candy!". Just then he reaches out into his bag and gets some candies that he puts into the trick or treats basket for other kids to have. The child's act of concern and kindness has won thousands of hearts over social media. While Halloween is all about creepy ghosts, the child shows the art of giving which is generally seen at Christmas. Take a look at the adorable video:


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Response to the video

The child's act of donating candies has been hailed by netizens all over. By now the video's Instagram post has received over 76 K views and hundreds of comments. Responding to the video, an Instagram user wrote: "This is the guy is so giving and sensitive. Thinking of others?!?Wow. Far few and in between nowadays. Good on him". Similarly, another wrote: "His mother raised him well. Props to her". Likewise, a third user wrote: "This warms my cold heart 😢" and a fourth suggested, "Let's get him on the Ellen show 🙏😍".

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A woman dresses her kid as a sandwich for Halloween

In yet another adorable and yummy Halloween instance, a woman named Nidra Cummings who is a nurse dressed her 2-year-old son Nathan Burch as a Popeye Burger sandwich. Cummings said the media that her child is a very good eater and never complains about the food and so she thought of dressing him up like one. Cummings said that she worked on the costume for about a month, using two Popeyes boxes and felt to create most of the costume. To achieve a properly crispy fried-chicken texture, she glued Corn Flakes to the sleeves of Nathan’s shirt and the pictures clearly show that the idea was amazing. The post has received more than 2.3 K likes since it's been posted.

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