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Mexico Police Seize Gold Assault Rifle From 'Women With Moustaches' Gang

According to reports, Mexico's fearsome Las Bigotonas gang has been responsible for robbery, drug smuggling, arms dealing and is linked with several murders.


A gold-plated AR-15 assault rifle, covered in what appears to be diamonds has reportedly been seized by the Mexican police from a gang known as Las Bigotonas, which translates to 'The Women With Moustaches', according to reports. Located in the city of Tehuacan, in the central Mexican state of Puebla, the killer cartel’s alleged boss Victor Ivan N and alias El Yori were arrested, the police said in a statement. 

According to reports, the fearsome Las Bigotonas gang has been responsible for the robbery, drug smuggling, arms dealing and is also linked with several murder cases. Víctor Iván N, also known as 'El Yori' was allegedly in possession of 38 dime bags of crystal meth along with the ostentatious assault rifle. The gold-plated rifle was decorated with a carving of Santa Muerte (Our Lady of Holy Death), an icon in Mexico's traditional 'Day of the Dead' celebrations which is worshipped by many drug traffickers for the safe delivery of illicit cargo. Police have held the criminal gang’s leader in custody, however, it was unclear what charges were pressed.  

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'La Catrina' traditional icon 

This comes after a 21-year-old female gang leader, at the beginning of the year, was seen totting a gold-plated AK-47 and came in the attention of the Police, as per media reports. Maria Guadalupe Lopez Esquivel, known as 'La Catrina', was suspected as the leading figures of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, another criminal gang, and was well known for flaunting social media posts carrying assault weapons. Further, she was the head of the team of cartel hitmen and was fatally shot when the Mexico police conducted a raid in the municipality of Aguililla, as of January 10. 

One of the 'Catrina' icon on the female gang leader’s body, a skeletal figure with a wide hat, has become associated with Mexico's Day of the Dead, according to media reports. Since it is a rarity in Mexico for women to command or coordinate hit squads, the icon became an emblem for several such murders and drug cartels in Mexico. Although, high-level positions as money launderers in these gangs have been occupied by the women in the past.  

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