Migrants Stuck On Rodolfo Robles Bridge Plan March Into Mexico

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More than a thousand Central American migrants on January 20 were reportedly planning to again march across the Rodolfo Robles bridge leading them to Mexico

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More than a thousand Central American migrants on January 20 were reportedly planning to again march across the Rodolfo Robles bridge leading them to Mexico. According to reports, the march was planned to convince concerned authorities to give the migrants a safe passage through the country. Mexican soldiers shut the gate located on Rodolfo Robles bridge as migrants tried to push their way through the gate.

Troops used riot gear

According to reports, the troops also used riot gear to disperse the migrants. In the wake of Donald Trump's threat and sanctions, Mexico has enforced measures to stop migrants from reaching the United States. Mexican troops have been stationed at the southern border of the country to patrol and continue to monitor the concerned areas with the help of drones.

Mexico's government stated that their attempts to prevent unruly migrants from trying to go to the US were successful. Director for Mexico and migrant rights at the Washington Office on Latin America, Maureen Meyer said that the Mexican government have been upfront about not offering any visa. She further added that people found without proper documents will be taken into custody in order to tell the Trump-led administration that Mexico is doing its part to ensure that migrants are not able to reach the United States border.

According to reports, Mexico offered migrants work and a chance to stay in the country with legal status. Mexico's decision comes after it was found that thousands of Central American migrants have been fleeing their countries to escape violence. According to reports, more than 1,000 migrants decided to stay in Mexico after which they were transported to immigration centres.

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Authorities ask migrants to maintain order

According to reports, Mexican troops urged a caravan of around 1500 Central American migrants on January 18 to maintain order and respect after the group attempted forced entry into the country from Guatemala in hopes of travelling north to the United States. More than 200 migrants rested on the Rodolfo Robles, a bridge at the Guatemala-Mexico border waiting for the arrival of others and hoping increasing numbers to improve their chances of entering Mexico.

On January 17, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador offered 4,000 jobs to members of the caravan in an attempt to dissuade them from travelling to the United States. An official from National Institute of Migration reported to International media that some 8000 migrants agreed to regularise their status and seek employment in Mexico.

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