Mother Spots Inappropriate Patterns, Images On Child's Wristwatch

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A mother spots inappropriate patterns, images on her child's wristwatch and posts it on a parenting website. The watch had drawings of genitals on its band.

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

A woman from the UK reportedly found inappropriate and explicit patterns on the band of a wristwatch of child. She was reportedly shocked when she saw a rather inappropriate pattern on a wristwatch while her daughter was recently browsing a wristwatch website. She instantly shared the pictures of the product on a UK parenting website to alert her fellow parents. She questioned parents on the website about their response to such a product.

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The watch had drawings of genitals on its band

The watch priced 97 Euro had images of sexual organs drawn on its band. The pattern appears rather colorful at first sight but turns out to be rather explicit when zoomed in, as seen in the shared image. Pink and yellow drawings of female and male genitalia are scattered on a light blue background which is hard to not notice when looked closely. As the post was shared, parents started to respond in a rather shocking way to it. 

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People react to the bizarre watch

A parent reportedly said a big "no" as a response to the question posed by the mother. Another asked: "Is it less offensive because it's a cartoon and in pretty colors?" while a third commented that it was the "most bizarre thing" he had ever seen. Similarly, a fourth said that the watches will end up in January sale. Yet there were some who did not understand the patterns and mistook them are simple lines and swirls. A person said in the post that it seemed like dotted lines until got close, another thought it was licorice. There were also a few who actually wanted to buy the watches from themselves. 

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Mc Donald's cup in Japan with inappropriate images

Earlier in August Japanese McDonald's locations released new cups for their summer McFizz drinks which came to light over similar reasons. The cups had drawings of a teen boy and a girl on either side of it. Just when the cups are rotated, it is seen that the two are touching each other in inappropriate positions. The cups created a huge reaction on twitter.

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