New York: Elderly Couple Donates 1,000 Restored Instruments To District School

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Charlie Hale and Dorothy Stansel, an elderly couple from New York donated nearly 1000 instruments to the Rochester School District through a Foundation.

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:
New York

An elderly couple from New York donated nearly 1,000 instruments to the Rochester School District through the Education Foundation. Charlie Hale and Dorothy Stansel's passion to restore old instruments, made every day a Christmas for the children of the school. Stansel, a retired chemist and Hale, a retired doctor are nearly in their 80s and reportedly have been very active in making the instruments return to their former glory and then give them away in hundreds. The couple reportedly started buying old instruments a few years ago after Stansel took a class in instrument repair. 

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According to the lead teacher for the Rochester arts department, Alison Schmitt called it 'unbelievable' how just two humans care immensely about the people's children. Furthermore, Schmitt even said that the donations made by the couple have made a huge difference in the lives of students who see art as a form of escape. Sophomore William Delgado said that music can help to 'create somebody' as it created him. Even studies consistently show that music education helps children to do better in school and in overall performance. The 'legendary' couple was even honoured by the Foundation back in 2018 for their 'extraordinary' contribution. 

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In other commendable selfless act, a mother in Ohio donated organs of her child who was killed in a car crash on Thanksgiving Day. Reportedly Ciera Jones' toddler, Camiyah Carty was denoted as a hero because many lives were being saved as a result of her death. Jones' car was struck by another vehicle when hers slowed down due to a flat tire, making her lose her child. Jones even said her Carty’s heart, kidneys and liver were donated and used to save the lives of three children along with an adult woman while other body parts were donated to research and science. 

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