Nicaragua Opposition Group Takes Responsibility For Blasts

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A Nicaraguan opposition group (APN) took responsibility on September 22 for military actions after a series of small explosions on the bridge shook the country.

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A Nicaraguan opposition group took responsibility on September 22 for military actions after a series of small explosions shook the country. It included in severely damaging a bridge that connects to Nicaragua's most important port. It could be marked as a foul play in the tactics of the Nicaraguan opposition, who are very peaceful since the protests broke out in the Central American nation in early 2018. An explosion occurred in the middle of the bridge leading to Port Corinto at around 8 pm on Saturday resulting in cracks in the structure. The reason for the blast and the group behind it has not been determined yet. The government and the police of Nicaragua did not make any response to requests for comment.

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APN: Actions to be carried out for the remaining months

According to a statement on social media, the Nicaraguan Patriotic Alliance (APN) opposed President Daniel Ortega and said on Saturday that it executed a series of actions that are military in nature. The group said that these actions will be carried out and will continue till the rest of the remaining months i.e. September, October and the months to come until the autocratic rule is broken. Nicaragua is facing a huge political crisis since demonstrations broke out against President Ortega and frequent clashes are being seen between pro-government forces and protestors which claimed the lives of more than 300 people and prompting thousands of citizens to flee or go into exile. According to the local media reports, blasts could also be heard in the capital Managua, and the nearby city of Masaya during the time of the explosion occurred on the bridge.

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Police in Nicaragua detained more than 100 people Saturday after opponents of President Daniel Ortega tried to hold a demonstration to pressure his government to release hundreds of protesters held in custody since 2018. Police later said they would release the 107 protesters arrested on Saturday in the coming hours at the request of the Vatican’s ambassador. Nicaragua’s government banned opposition protests in September and police broke up Saturday’s attempt at a demonstration in Managua, hitting several protesters as they forced them into patrol cars. The U.S. Embassy in Managua expressed concern via Twitter about reports of police violence and called on the Nicaraguan authorities to “cease the use of excessive force against peaceful protesters.”

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