Nikki Haley In Splits As Kal Penn Asks 'Pooja What Is This Behaviour?'

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Comedian Kal Penn cracked a joke based on Indian 'Bigg Boss' on former UN ambassador and Republican Nikki Haley who found it 'hysterical' on January 7.

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Nikki Haley

Comedian Kal Penn cracked a joke based on Indian Bigg Boss on former UN ambassador and Republican Nikki Haley on January 7. Haley posted her statements on Twitter regarding the recent US strike on Iran which killed Tehran's top commander, Qassem Soleimani and said that US President Donald Trump 'left the Iranian regime completely flat-footed'. Penn, responded with one line which amused many including Haley herself and said, 'Pooja what is this behaviour?'.

The comment went on to receive nearly 600 likes with Haley's response who called it hysterical and acknowledged herself 'a fan'. However, people on the internet quickly jumped into the conversation to inform Haley that it was not a compliment. In teh reality show, the same question is asked to Pooja, when she kicks the dustbin and when confronted she further breaks the wiper in frustration. While most of the Netizens mocked Haley for laughing at a joke directed at her, the former UN ambassador even said that she is proud of the work Penn does. 

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Resolution to limit Trump's military action

While Republicans like Nikki Haley support the Trump-directed air raid which killed Iran's top officials, the Democrat-led House approved the War Powers Resolution on January 9. It stated that  Trump must seek approval from Congress before engaging in further military action against Iran. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the US air raid as a 'provocative and disproportionate' move and also stressed that it was without the approval of Congress.

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The war powers resolution is not binding to Trump and would not require his signature. However, Pelosi insisted that it 'has real teeth' because the resolution is 'a statement of the Congress of the United States'. According to the US House speaker, this measure 'will protect American lives and values' by limiting actions of the US President. Since Soleimani's killing, Iran fired multiple missiles targetting Iraqi military bases housing US troops. But, Pelosi reportedly said that 'the administration must de-escalate and must prevent further violence'.

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