Father And Son Treated By Same Nurse 33 Years Apart Reunited At New Jersey Hospital

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In a happy accident, a nurse discovered that she cared for both father and son 30 years apart at NICU centre of St. Peter's University Hospital in New Jersey.

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A nurse named Lissa McGowan caring for an infant born at St. Peter's University Hospital in New Jersey was reportedly surprised to learn that she had nursed the infant’s now 33-year-old father, David, several years ago. Baby Zayne Caldwell's nurse was reunited with his father when Reneta, David’s fiancée, spotted the nurse in a family photo album.

According to reports, Renata Freydin and David Caldwell's son Zayne was born 10 weeks early. The infant required extra supervision from the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit and was assigned under nurse Lissa’s care.

The nurse supervised both father and son

Taking some time off the ward, the couple looked at David’s album of old photographs. Renata noticed that the nurse holding newborn David in an old picture three decades ago looked eerily similar to the one who was taking care of their son Zayn at St. Peter's University Hospital.

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Sharing the pictures on Facebook, Renata wrote, “I came across a picture of him as a baby and a lady holding him. I knew that lady!! I immediately asked him who she was and he confirmed that she was the nurse who took care of him during his stay in the NICU and his mom loved her so much that she needed a photo of the two of them on the day he was discharged!"

She further added, "Well, the reason I know her is because I swore, she was the nurse that had been taking care of our baby boy for the past three days! David didn't believe me. We brought the picture to the hospital where 3 other nurses confirmed it was her!”

Liza was reportedly visited by the couple who asked the nurse to recreate the old picture with their son Zayn. Liza told the media that the hospital had so many babies and their relatives, but it never hit so close as David and his son. The nurse is now 61 and has been working at the St. Peter's University Hospital since September 10, 1981, confirmed reports.

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